Where does your money flow?

With a client yesterday I found myself watching This Morning, something I’ve not watched since I left my parents home 20 odd years ago. Unsurprisingly, the format hadn’t changed all that much, and while most of it felt contrived and a little bit plastic, the fashion section had me horrified. I have never understood women’s […]

The only way out is through?

I missed publishing something yesterday. I knew exactly what I wanted to write about, made notes and everything, but the universe conspired against me to get it completed. So, I have decided to write today’s post first. No point in having multiple things in my to-do list! The other day I asked my cards about […]

The vulnerability of being naked

When we are naked in front of others we are exposing all our faults and flaws and inviting others to witness them. And yet, the flaws that we see are not what others see as flaws. I was speaking to someone today about nudity and they expressed how they didn’t think they could wander around […]