I have spotted that there are times when I stim vocally, by humming or wanting to sing, and have been trying to work out a pattern to it. When it happens a little bit, I call it purring; it’s like a contented noise of happiness, and is often associated with human touch. I noticed I was feeling uncomfortable doing it when I was up late at a demoscene party in Germany a while back, and assumed it was me not liking myself doing it at all, rather than just feeling self-conscious.  But when we were out at the weekend it happened again. I think it began when we were indoors and I was just singing along to tracks that I recognised, but then (because I was tired and happy) I couldn’t stop so easily. And it was an environment where it felt ok to do it in. The trouble was, after heading home and with a few hours sleep under my belt, I found I was still doing it. A good walk in the evening sun made it bugger off, but after a really good night’s sleep it came back today (the next day), so I think it is a little more complicated than just being tired and happy. Though, to be fair, I am still tired today, my circadian rhythms are all a bit messed up due to being out until way past dawn. Something to keep a track of, I guess. Movement seems to help calm it down, so not sure if it’s more an autistic trait or an ADHD one.

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