Someone on a thread on fb suggested that gender reassignment surgery was ‘gay conversion therapy’ and I was so confused by this suggestion that I had to do a bit of a write, to try and make sense of it. I am tired, I can do better, but it is a good start.

Sexual attraction and gender are not connected, they are two separate representations. I find thinking of each aspect as a sliding scale on a different graph it makes things easier to visualise. So, the attracted to scale runs from strongly masculine energy to strongly feminine energy, and most of us are somewhere in the middle of those two points. Some people have a very definite preference for a male shape or a female shape, but you can have male bodies with more feminine energy and female bodies with a stronger masculine energy. It’s fair to say that we tend to be drawn to those who match and reflect our energy, so those with a strong feminine energy are likely to be more attracted to those with a strong masculine energy. And those who are more in the middle of that scale are more attracted to those who are also middle. The shape that we are attracted to physically is a bit of a red herring – this is something that gets created and refined as we go through life. I never had a male ‘type’ until recently but I understand that most people build up associations based on previous crushes or role models.

When we are created in the womb, the part of our development that decides our sex (i.e. what’s between our legs) occurs at a different point to how our brain perceives our gender. For many people this matches up, but increasingly we are seeing more people where this does not. Whether this is because of changes in our environment or simply that trans folk have always been around and we just have greater awareness now, someone has given us the words to explain how we feel inside, I am not sure, but I think it’s the latter.

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