end of life

One of my clients died recently. When I first met her, she was spirited and sweary, would often have conversations about her life and the crazy things she and her husband got up to over the years.  She gradually deteriorated over time, so slowly that you didn’t always realise things were changing until you looked […]


I got this funny feeling today. One of my clients is feeling close to the end, she’s been feeling that way for a week or two, but today I just knew. Her husband said she asked yesterday who the man was at the gate, and when he said this I had an image go through […]

RSD – an example

Less than 24 hours after being reminded about a condition called RSD  (Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria) I find myself in a situation where I get this triggered within me. Coincidence? I think not. I was at a barbecue where I didn’t know anyone, and was driving so had no alcohol shield to hide behind. (I had […]

dementia memories of events

I currently work with dementia clients, and I have one client who has been an interesting challenge. It feels like I have been fighting a losing battle with her, whatever I did wasn’t good enough and her behaviour is as if I have harmed her in some way.  And then recently I cracked it. Now […]