Yesterday I was talking to a professional person about overthinking, they had no idea of my history and were trying to advise me on overanalysing the impact of events and circumstances, of items consumed, etc.

It was interesting because I was sitting there quite calmly and all of a sudden, I guess I felt like he was speaking to me in a condescending fashion about scientific experiments, and I could feel this wall go up inside me. I instantly knew I’d reached the point where I’d stopped being able to take in what he was saying, and explained this to him. Instead of him getting all huffy about it, he understood completely and tried to reword things; neither of us knew exactly what it was that set things off. I remember describing to him that it felt like a wall had gone up in my gut, like a shield of resistance. I wish I could explain it more thoroughly, but perhaps writing this will be enough of a reminder for now.

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