Wake-up call, part 1

It is Christmas Eve, and I am in my kitchen. The kitchen that has failed to contain raucous parties, as they spill out onto the patio beyond. The kitchen with the solid pine table in the centre, 6 IKEA chairs with green and orange cushions surrounded it. Reminding me of my childhood kitchen table, the […]

Being Neuroquirky

What do I mean by neuroquirky, and how did it come into being? The term neurodiverse is often incorrectly used when neurodivergent should be used instead. Neurodiverse means a group of different neurotypes, whereas neurodivergent refers specifically to those who have less typical brain wirings. It’s a mistake that people who are prominent in media […]

catwalk novice

Huddled at the side of the stage, my peers around me. Sort yourselves into order, we are told. Those who have done this before go first, so the others have something to follow. And yet, even the experienced are nervously shuffling backwards. I feel an all too familiar bubbling within me, as I recognise the […]

Finding freedom in dance

There we were, in the middle of the common, on public land. Visible to anyone who walked by. People walking their dogs. A running club passing by. A group of friends sitting having a drink together in the evening light. All that separated us from the eyes of passers by was a line of brightly […]