These are strange times indeed. The coronavirus is bringing up a lot of fear for people, hopefully to process and come out the other side of. In amongst all these mixed up emotions then other things are comign up for air that have been hidden, perhaps for years or decades. This is a time for […]

models of consent

A conversation that was had and passed on at the burn that I wanted to explore further. Differing models of consent. The one that is advocated most heavily at the burn is the ‘Fuck Yeah’ model. Where anything other than enthusiastic consent is seen as a no. The one that many people were taught by […]

learning from regret

Learning from regret is a theme that has been coming up in conversation for me recently. My biggest personal example of this is regret that I didn’t hold my daughter for longer the last time I saw her alive. She was reaching out for cuddles and I don’t even remember if I held her or […]

gender vs sexual attraction

Someone on a thread on fb suggested that gender reassignment surgery was ‘gay conversion therapy’ and I was so confused by this suggestion that I had to do a bit of a write, to try and make sense of it. I am tired, I can do better, but it is a good start. Sexual attraction […]