Being Neuroquirky

What do I mean by neuroquirky, and how did it come into being? The term neurodiverse is often incorrectly used when neurodivergent should be used instead. Neurodiverse means a group of different neurotypes, whereas neurodivergent refers specifically to those who have less typical brain wirings. It’s a mistake that people who are prominent in media […]

behind the mask

This week I worked in a unit where we all had to wear masks the entire time. The unit had recently experienced a covid outbreak and it had to have come from one of the workers, as no-one else was allowed to enter, so they were finally exploring how best to use PPE to protect […]

how a trigger feels in the body

Yesterday I was talking to a professional person about overthinking, they had no idea of my history and were trying to advise me on overanalysing the impact of events and circumstances, of items consumed, etc. It was interesting because I was sitting there quite calmly and all of a sudden, I guess I felt like […]


I got this funny feeling today. One of my clients is feeling close to the end, she’s been feeling that way for a week or two, but today I just knew. Her husband said she asked yesterday who the man was at the gate, and when he said this I had an image go through […]