RSD – an example

Less than 24 hours after being reminded about a condition called RSDĀ  (Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria) I find myself in a situation where I get this triggered within me. Coincidence? I think not. I was at a barbecue where I didn’t know anyone, and was driving so had no alcohol shield to hide behind. (I had […]

On contentment

I am an adventurer, I am here to change the world, to make it better. If I had lived in a different time and space, I would have been a pirate or a king, exploring and taking over land and sea, living life on a knife edge, never knowing which day would be my last, […]

Vocal stimming

I have spotted that there are times when I stim vocally, by humming or wanting to sing, and have been trying to work out a pattern to it. When it happens a little bit, I call it purring; it’s like a contented noise of happiness, and is often associated with human touch. I noticed I […]

but you don’t look autistic

If I am struggling with something in a strange environment, more often than not these days when I start to explain my needs then as soon as I mention I think I might be autistic, people often do their best to help me, when before they might have thought I was being a bit weird. […]