journeying down our path

When people talk of asking advice of those whose words they trust, I am reminded of being a first time mother, and asking desperately how to get my child to sleep. Around me are all the other first time mothers, equally desperate to know answers, keen to offer the advice that they have been given, […]


Take what you believe to be true and cast it away. Trust not your own self, for your mind tries to deceive. Still the ego. Let it worry no more. Peace comes when the internal fight is gone, and all that’s left is drive, and a clear path. Trust in the universe, for she has […]

empty vessels

I am an empty vessel, waiting to be filled. Fill me with the finest feelings you have to offer¬† and see me shine. Fill me with your darkness, your hate, your anger,¬† your shame, your frustrations, and see me transmute it through light to understanding. Offer me the parts of you that you have made […]

file transfer

I’m closing down my old blog, and figured the easiest way to save some of these things that I’ve written is to copy them across to here, and I’ve found a few that never got round to being published. Some are because my life was so very different, my ex would pass judgement over things […]